Webmaster Corner

I'm well into my third year of retirement.  Whoever says you get bored in retirement, I'd like to meet.  Our life has gotten more hectic since retiring not less.  Have been consumed with traveling around the country giving training courses for much of the summer and with my duties as President of our homeowner association here in Virginia.  

That has taken up an extraordinary amount of time.  Kudos to Robert for serving as our President.  I had no idea how time consuming the job could me.  I've not even had time to devote much effort to my websites, I-9 Information You Can Use, www.i-9help.com, and Civil Rights Help, www.civilrightshelp.com

Hopefully my travels except to Sugar Beach are at a lull for the rest of the year, so I should be able to update the website more frequently. 

Anyone with suggestions for the Sugar Beach Condo website, email me at
Andy.Strojny@yahoo.com and let me have them.