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Sugar Beach Condominium is located in Orange Beach, Alabama

                    Beach the front
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Sometimes it takes pictures to show what has happened to the beach in the last 30 years.

Sugar Beach shortly after it was built in the early 1980s.

Picture of Sugar Beach in the early

Said to be the longest pier on the Gulf Coast now open
and it is less than 3 miles from Sugar Beach!

Longest pier on
          Gulf coast!

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HIghlights of the October 5, 2013 Condo Association Annual Meeting
The 2013 Condo Association Annual Meeting took place Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Christian Life Church, 25530 Canal Road, Orange Beach.  Several significant actions were taken.   Among them:
ºDues will remain the same for 2014. 
ºAn additional principal payment of $250,000 will be made to pay down the SBA loan. 
ºThe membership approved a budget with an additional $250,000 special assessment for previous unassessed for capital improvements.  Members will have until April, 2014 to pay this assessment and the insurance assessment.
ºTony Black, Tyler Glenn, and Allen Summerlin were elected to serve on the Board.  Dave Dyer who has served the Association as Treasurer chose not to run for re-election.  We thank him for his years of service. 
Click here for a more detailed summary.
Recent Improvements

         Hurricane shutters                      Hurricane shutters side view        New pool heater
hurrican shutters      hurrican shutters side view        new pool heaters
Summer is almost over.  Tourism started slow in the spring but is finishing strong as we go into the fall season.  If you need proof, just try to make a left turn on the Gulf Beach road between Gulf Shores and the Flora-Bama near the Florida State line.  The future of tourism in our area will be further enhanced by new conference and entertainment developments:

•    Governor Bentley has signed the bill that will clear the way for construction of a new lodge and conference center at the Gulf State Park.
•    A 500 acre entertainment complex is under construction on the Gulf Beach Expressway in Foley.
•    A new Canal Walk under the Highway 59 Bridge featuring the famous Acme Oyster House of New Orleans.
•    A Bob Marley restaurant and Bar within walking distance of Sugar Beach.
•    A  Toby Keith restaurant at the Wharf.
•    New and expanded Beach Fest 2014 at the Hang-out in Gulf Shores

Your staff at Sugar Beach has been working tirelessly during the summer months  keeping up with the cleanliness and maintenance of the complex as well as working on improvement projects.  On a typical day we have LA Pools cleaning and preparing each of our four pools for our early morning guests.  Additionally, other LA pool staff members are busy cleaning the rest rooms, hallways, elevators, parking areas and stairwells. Our maintenance supervisor is always busy changing light bulbs, making general repairs and working on improvement projects.  Most noticeable of the improvement projects are the re-surfacing of the tennis court and the carpeting on the beach walkway.  The following are other projects completed:

•    To conform to the Orange Beach Fire Code, we have installed an automatic dialer in our fire panel that dials the Orange Beach Fire Department in the event of a fire.
•    Our maintenance supervisor has successfully completed a course at the Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association held in Wetumpka, Alabama on the  Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Pumps. After certification he will perform our weekly pump runs on our fire pumps, rather than paying an outside vendor.
•    Installation of new sodium lights for our east and west pool areas to conform to the recommendations of the City of Orange Beach to lessen the impact of nesting turtles along our shore.
•    Installation of sodium lights in the Gazebos
•    Installation of a volley ball net on the Beach for our guests.
•    Installation of two new pool pumps for the east and middle pools.

We always welcome new sets of eyes and ears when you arrive at Sugar Beach.  If you notice or hear anything needing attention or have a suggestion which may improve our complex, please call me, one of the security guards or Ray Felts our Maintenance Supervisor. Our pledge to you is that we will do our best to professionally maintain Sugar Beach Condominiums to a high standard and help protect your investment.

Jim Allen
Resident Manager
Insurance Info.

We have a new agent for insurance.   Fisher Brown Bottrell is handling all policies for Sugar Beach.  All Insurance questions should be directed to Kelli Worrell.  She is handling the day to day account servicing.  Her direct phone number is 601-960-7458.  Her email address is  If your mortgage company needs information about Sugar Beach's insurance coverage, she is the person to contact. 

Request for owner input

It has been suggested that we create a page on the website devoted to contractors and vendors that owners have found to be particularly useful.  For example, if an owner has found a contractor who does a particularly good job repairing screen doors, laying tile, doing remodeling, etc., this could be very useful information for other owners.  It would be sort of an Angie's List for Sugar Beach.  Let me know what you think of the idea.  Please email me your thoughts.  Send them to

Sugar Beach is on Facebook Facebook picture

For those of you familiar with the latest in computer networking, check out the Sugar Beach page on Facebook.   Go to  You have to sign up and then search for Sugar Beach. 

If you're not familiar with how to do this, ask your kids or grandkids.  They'll tell you all about it. 

Please Respect the Dunes and Sea Oats

Keep Off Dunes  The sand dunes and sea oats play a vital role in protecting the beach and the buildings behind them.  Please don't walk on them.  This increases beach erosion and is a factor in the destruction of the dunes.

Financial Reports -

Click here to view copies of Sugar Beach's financial reports.  This directory is now password protected.  Owners have been mailed their user name and password.  If you wish immediate access, please email the webmaster your email address and the unit you own.  

UpdatedAs of September 30, 2013, we had cash on hand of $1,492,495.89.  This includes reserves, funds for operations, and petty cash.  This is an 31.31% increase over cash on hand September 30. 2012.  This is the highest amount of cash on hand this decade.   Note much of the cash on hand is needed to pay outstanding obligations,e.g, the SBA loan of $1,276,006.59 as of September 30th, maintenance for the complex, insurance premiums, etc. as well as to fund our reserves.  The year to year increase is primarily as a result of there being no major maintenance work so far this year..  Cash on hand generally falls in the early part of the year because insurance premiums are paid but owners have until April to pay the special assessments that cover them. 

Cash on Hand
$   888,021.91
$   765,398,27
$ 1,097,685.54
$   921,599.60
$   839,567.93
$ 1,132,479.91
$   965,815.49
$ 1,234,705.38
$    991,143.59
$ 1,357,457.97
$    941,239.30
$ 1,405,546.48
$    970,067,00
$ 1,437,322.16
$    977,375.50
$ 1,473,009.34
$    921,927,75
$ 1,490,319.55
$   903,161.94
$   904,473.20
$   916,055.01

$  704,050.32
$   937,571.49

UpdatedThe table above does not include assessments receivable, i.e, money owed the Association, which came to $ 10,476.15 as of September 30, 2013. 

Assessments Receivable
$ 174,127.36
$  329,212,30
$ 312,279.51
$ 153,073.55
$  287,094.08
$ 288,785.92
$   60.386.13
$  170,057.85
$ 198,541.21
$   37,563.64
$    57,207.10
$   81,493.33
$   34,955.35
$    42,484.05
$   49,767.99
$    26,351.30
$    35,656.59
$   31,850.48
$    13,191.56
$    28,201.87
$   26,092.95
$      8,038.78
$    19,703.44
$   16,678.85
$      8,702.91
$    20.430.16
$   10,476.15
$      7,212.68
$    24,363.79
$   29,791.18
$      6,944.35
$    16,289.45

$      9,960.70
$    17,060.06

Note:  Assessments receivable generally increase in January because the insurance assessment has been assessed, but owners have a number of months to pay it.

We continue to work on collecting the remaining delinquent dues owed the Association. 

The interest income we have received has declined significantly.  This is do to the decline in interest rates.    See table for monthly figures.

Interest Earned
$  1,653.29
$    171.79
$   171.23
$     354.46
$    167.64
$   190.84
$     441.01
$    191.51
$   249.70
$     445.67
$    246.33
$   283.82
$     422.91
$    222.99
$   266.98
$     411.54
$    199.87
$   236.49
$     427,54
$    206.79
$   253.27
$     425.09
$    191.75
$   233.52
$     424.91
$    280.44
$   181.31
$     411.67
$    208.58
$   168.66
$     504.19
$    187.86

$     240.19
$    144.77

$  6,142.47
$ 2,417.32
$ 2,235.82
Disposal of Bulk Items

Owners and guests should not dispose of bulk items at the dumpsters.  That means don't dump your old tables, chairs, sofas, etc. at the dumpster.  The rule of thumb is if it does not fit through the dumpster opening, it SHOULD NOT be left at the dumpster.  If you have such bulk items to dispose of, contact the property manager on how to dispose of them.  
Reminder about Proper Window Treatment.

Your Board requests that owners not place aluminum foil in the hallway windows of their units.  The property manager will be checking windows for this practice and contacting owners that are not compliant with the standard window treatments.  Standard window treatments are blinds, shutters, curtains, drapes, and sheers.  Whatever you use, the surface showing in the hallway should be white or off white.  Many owners use mini-blinds or plantation-blinds.  Note if you chose to use blinds, considerable savings can be had if two standard size blinds (side by side) are used in place of one large blind that usually must be custom ordered.