August, 2009

Dear Sugar Beach Condominium Owners:

As summer's drawing to a close, I wanted to send everyone a quick note to update you on your Sugar Beach Condominiums property!

Here's what's new:

-- The sand filters have been changed in both the east and west pools.
-- New tennis court lights have been ordered.
-- The drain pipe near the north elevator has been re-routed.
-- The lounge chair covers have been replaced.
-- The sprinklers on the north side of the building have been totally replaced.
-- The east side sprinklers have been repaired, and all sprinklers on the property are now fully functional. By using Randy’s Rapid Repair to repair the east side sprinklers, we saved $2,400 from the original estimate to replace all of the sprinklers.

Here are some items that are in the works:

-- Requested estimates on flowers for the front of the property.
-- Requested estimates on resurfacing the tennis court.
-- Stairway doors will be repainted soon.
-- A mailbox will be placed at the street for guest use.
-- We are planning to re-paint the roof of the guard shack.
-- We are planning to paint the outside doors of owners closets on the balconies.
-- We will be pressure washing and painting signs where needed on the parking lot.
-- Repainting of hallways will start after Labor Day.
-- Water main pipes on the north side of the building will be wrapped.

I hope everyone is having a terrific summer. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions. I am looking forward to seeing many of you this October!

Warmest regards,
Patrick McIntosh
Sugar Beach Manager
(251) 974-1668 - office
(251) 269-8490 - cell

July, 2009

Dear Sugar Beach Owners & Board Members:

My name is Patrick McIntosh. I'm married with three children and live in Orange Beach. Many of you probably know I am the new property manager. I decided to wait until after the July 4 holiday to post this message on the website to make sure everything here was ready for our guests.

Things are moving along great at Sugar Beach. We have installed new irrigation at the North end of the building, and the grass looks great. We had some issues with exit, parking and stairwell lighting that have all been addressed. And, the two big beach pools will be receiving a sand filter change soon.

Having started in the middle of the summer season, it has been a challenge, but things are going well so far. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll post more frequently on what’s going on here at your Sugar Beach.

I look forward to meeting all of you and am working to update the owners’ list with names, phone numbers and email addresses. So, if you could email your contact information to me at sugarbeachmanager@gulftel.com, I would appreciate it.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to make Sugar Beach even better than it already is.

Warmest regards,
Patrick McIntosh